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Annuity Plans

PJ Insurance Agency can help eliminate the worries of outliving your income and savings by offering annuities that are designed to provide a reliable cash flow throughout your retirement. Our insurance advisers can help you choose from a range of flexible plans that will allow you to protect your savings and generate a reliable stream of income for your golden years.

Why Purchase an Annuity?

here are various benefits to purchasing an annuity to supplement your retirement including:

 Guaranteed income for the duration of the annuity

 No annual limit to contributions

 Prior to withdrawal, all investments into the annuity are tax-deferred

 Beneficiaries are eligible for death benefits

Basic Types of Annuity

Fixed Annuities:

Receive a fixed monthly payment for life when you pay upfront. A fixed annuity provides you with a steady income that remains unaffected by market changes.

Benefits of a Fixed Annuity:

 An anticipated return you can count on

 Income growth potential

 Tax deferred growth

 Guaranteed minimum interest rates

 100% protection of your accumulated wealth

 Access to your money for unexpected events

Variable Annuities:

Variable annuities offer guaranteed income for life, in addition to the potential increase earnings from underlying investments. Despite a certain level of risk, this type of annuity offers the chance to significantly boost income while offering flexible payout options.

Benefits of a Variable Annuity:

 Income growth potential

 Guaranteed income

 Protected lifetime income

 Legacy protection

 Tax advantages

Annuity Payout Options

There are two primary forms that annuity payouts can take. Both have unique benefits, and drawbacks.

  1. Life Annuity; this format of annuity offers the highest income, but can’t be paid out to a beneficiary in the event of recipient death. There are numerous factors that may influence your maximum and minimum payments including age, sex, current interest rates, and cost of living.
  2. Term Certain Annuity; this format is payable for a fixed time that is decided by the purchaser of the annuity. The minimum and maximum payments of this format can also fluctuate based on a variety of factors.

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